ICM at Oconee Nuclear Plant - April 2006

Evaluating ICM for Containment Dome Inspection, Coating Removal & Coating Installation

inspector monitoring the air
Health & Safety Inspector Monitoring the Air as ICM Climber Climbs, Cleans & Captures Results: ICM passed the test very favorably

climber on inverted surface
ICM performing VT-1 level Visual Inspection on duplicate of Nuclear Containment Dome surface using remote operated on-board cameras. ICM passed and was approved for VT-1 level inspection. (NOTE: Climber on 13 Degree INVERTED surface performing visual inspection)

applying epoxy
ICM Climber Applying Two-Component Epoxy with Remote Pressure-Fed Roller

removing epoxy
ICM Climber Removing Epoxy Topcoat with Zinc-rich Primer from Ceiling/Inverted Surface